"I help women bounce-back 

  from physical & emotional


Hello, I'm Nerissa Balland.


I'm a 2x cancer survivor, a life coach, a visual artist, and most importantly a mother. I provide people with resources that reduce suffering and increase inner peace. I have faced adversity through Cancer, infertility, miscarriages, terminations, and divorce. I'm stronger than ever, more grateful, more realistic, loving, and accepting of myself and others. My goal is to help your greatest challenge awaken an opportunity to become your greatest gift. To read more about me click here.

My Specialty


I help women who suffer from physical and emotional symptoms resulting from adverse situations that negatively impact their daily routines. Women who experience fear, anxiety, depression, deep sadness, and/or avoidance, coupled with physical symptoms, such as, inability to focus, chronic pain, tension, shortness of breath, or increased blood pressure after a traumatic event often access their survival instinct known as "fight-or-flight". 


The fight-or-flight response (also called hyperarousal, or the acute stress response) is a physiological reaction that occurs in response to a perceived harmful event or threat to survival. While it can be initially helpful at the onset of the experience, it is detrimental to remain in this stressful state. I allow a safe and supported space for women to bounce-back, heal, and move beyond adversity. 


​I specialize in...

  • accepting and living with Cancer  (i.e., from initial diagnosis through treatment and healing in remission)

  • coping with moderate to severe health issues

  • dealing with infertility 

  • healing from the loss of a child (i.e., miscarriage, termination, still-born, early-term, infancy)

  • life after divorce

how I help

I provide my clients with resources to deactivate their "flight or fight" mentality. I guide my clients to reframe their adversity, build resilience, and find peace. I do this by merging therapeutic techniques with artful healing, neurolinguistics, and neuroscience. We focus on obstacles, goals, and appropriate resources needed to create transformation within a session, as well as independently. You do not have to face adversity alone. Book a free consultation today.

working together. . .

60 minute 1:1 virtual coaching (online or by phone) is available. This is especially convenient for working women that need evening hours. On-site hours will be available...
1:1 Coaching
1 hr